Thug Lyfe

Mary Firth, she was Interesting look her up if you don’t believe me. Many of my favorite historic women took no crap, or at least walked to their own drum beat. what more could you want from life.

It’s difficult to tell what was true about her because she became the inspiration of a handful of plays and legends.  Mary was born in 1584ish and had a common upbringing. From an early age she had a flare for the dramatic, she was said to have thrown herself overboard when she was going to be sent to America. She was a known thief and and always wore men’s clothing, smoking and cursing as she pleased.  She was an actor at the Fortune theater (contemporary with the Swan and the Globe) during a time when women weren’t allowed to be actors. Mary was probably also a Pimp, but you gotta make that money somehow. She lived to be 75ish, wearing comfortable clothes, raising her dogs and giving no cares what anyone thought of her.


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